Nava Chaitanya Co-operative Scoeity

Chaitanya is acknowledged by the community as the voice of sex workers. It is reaching out to 5400 FSWs and got a membership base of 4752 . Chaitanya is independently managing the implementation of CORRIDORS program in Bagalkot district. It is able to create positive behavior among FSWs, particularly on condom usage and health seeking behaviors

Share Members1166
Share Capital6,35,000
Numbers of Shares2,290
S.B. Accounts2,290
S.B. Amounts1,500
Cash in Bank2,50000
Pigmy Accounts245
Loan Distribution655
Loan Distribution43,97,000
Loan Receipt27,02,014
Loan Balance16,94,986
Government subsidy25,000
Rate of Interest for Loan18%
F.D. Rate of Interest10%

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Goat Lone Beneficiary